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Biodiversity ITC works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and trade support institutions (TSIs) in overcoming these obstacles and improving access to international markets. The objective of ITC's programme on biotrade is threefold: to assist SMEs in meeting market requirements in biodiversity based products, 50 Years of Trade Impact for Good - The International Trade Centre (ITC) is establishing a trade academy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to offer practical, vocational training online for SMEs and trade advisors in the

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YEP | Tools International Trade Centre (ITC) E-LEARNING ITC SME Trade Academy offers online courses for entrepreneurs that want to grow their business by improving their understanding of international markets. Offered by: ITC SME Trade Academy. ITC Academy ITC Academy will be the premiere choice in career training and educational advancement for individuals throughout Delta region , providing the most innovative and creative opportunities for skills development, job training, continuing education, and educational growth throughout the regionrs. Biodiversity

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Leadership & Press | Integrity International Trade Consulting LEADERSHIP & PRESS PRESS. APRIL 2015: Kelli Thompson featured in Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur Spotlight. LEADERSHIP: Leading the way for successful international trade "Compliance Equals Trust." That's how Kelli Thompson has learned and describes the United States $17 billion of textiles and wearing apparel claiming preferential tariff treatment. As one of the country's Trade Policy Development - ITC | UNIDO TII Knowledge Hub ITC works with local institutions from the private and public sectors to build national capacity in trade policy. ITC assists local institutions to bridge the gap between public and private sectors in order to establish a more informed platform for trade policy formulation.