Low touch trading

Low touch in derivatives: The electronification of trader ... Electronic trading is no-touch today. It's an impersonal channel that's as far away as you can get from what the client pays for over high-touch. In contrast, low-touch is something very different from the current electronic flow. Low-touch combines the straight-through of electronic trading with the service and oversight of a high-touch trader. From High-Frequency Trading to High-Touch Trading ... Mar 15, 2011 · The combination of low-touch and high-touch trading systems for financial services firms creates numerous opportunities with significant advantages for all trading participants. The future trading floor will look to leverage both strategies for success and ultimately, improve a firm’s operations. What does 'high touch' mean? - Quora

Mar 25, 2016 · High Touch is a business model that requires above average interaction with customers, versus low touch where interaction is minimal and transactional. Think McDonald's drive through as low-touch: place your order over a microphone, pull up, swipe

6 Mar 2019 total cost of trading for clients by avoiding factors such as market impact, Low- touch orders are routed over an MTF where a RFQ to more than  13 Jun 2018 This is a hot topic as the buy-side community is looking to automation to assist in removing human error, increase trading speeds, minimize  8 Aug 2018 JP Morgan AM has seen its headcount fall, but trade volumes rise In this new, automated and low-touch trading environment, brokers will  Whereas Low touch is a business model which requires lower level of human interaction and servicing. A simple example to explain will be the difference in 

Sep 06, 2017 · Trading trends infographic Annually, from November to February, Greenwich Associates conducts in-person interviews with fund managers and traders at the largest investing institutions in the US. The data reported here are based upon interviews with 214 fund managers from 496 targeted institutions and 300 traders from 547 dealing desks investing

Ultra-low latency direct market access is a set of technologies used as part of modern trading strategies, where speed of execution is critical. Direct market access (DMA), often combined with algorithmic trading is a means of executing trading flow on a selected trading venue by bypassing the brokers' discretionary methods.