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How to Invest your Money Wisely in Nigeria - The Total ... While studying on the best ways to invest once money in Nigeria for the year 2016, I came across an interesting post on how to invest money wisely. There are lots of investment platforms/products you can invest your money into. 6 Smart Ways to Invest In Nigeria With A Small Amount of Money Such domestic finteh startups are making it easy for people to invest in Nigeria. Some of the best investment and savings websites, apps or portals in Nigeria include the following: I-Invest – I-invest helps retail investors to invest in money market instruments like bank deposits and Treasury Bill with very small amount of money. The rate of Top 6 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria In 2020 As an individual, it is important to invest money and time in different ventures. This is because you have to secure your future as well as the future of your spouse and children. With the rising inflation, it is not advisable to rely on one source of income. It is unfortunate … Best 9 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria 2020: Sure ...

Mar 23, 2020 · Also Read – 10 Passive Income Generation Ideas (2) Fix Deposit. Fixed Deposit (FD) is a low risk financial instrument where an investment is made for a fixed period of time resulting in a fixed rate of returns. This is best suited for investors with a low risk appetite and who wants to invest a fix sum of money to earn a fixed rate of interest.

How do I invest my money wisely in Nigeria with limited risk? How do I build my wealth? What is the best investment product with the highest return on investment   See the 5 Best Ways to Invest Money in Nigeria and how. These the agricultural sector, entrepreneurship, stock market, government securities, export, etc. 7 Nov 2019 He declined to mention how much he had made, claiming he did not want to be kidnapped. Cryptocurrencies have posted the best returns in the  mistake would ruin your life and your money. you how you can invest in Nigeria and also the best  So you can invest your money and know exactly what you will receive at This plan is a convenient and secure way to save for a child's university education, in the USA,UK,SA, Ghana and Nigeria ,providing both educational and actuarial  23 Sep 2018 Here are my top investment picks and best way to invest money in Nigeria to stay rich. Read the financial investment opportunities in nigeria 

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20 Jan 2020 The probing question is, where should you invest your money? It is worthy to note that Nigeria has over 200 million people and 55% of the to successful returns, here are 5 of the best investment options for 2020. So, invest all you want, but don't forget how your debts may be dragging you down. When you invest your money, it will grow and improve your standard of living. See Also: How To Get Loan From Development Bank Of Nigeria And Grow your investment journey by selecting the account that best suits your personal or   How much it will cost you: The fund requires a minimum initial investment of N50 000 and subsequent additional investments of N50 000. What you need to apply   Compound for the Long Term. Invest in Tomorrow. Use the sliders to see how much your money can grow. Initial Deposit. allowing retail investors to help fund infrastructure projects in Nigeria whilst earning an income. Download the i-invest app from the Google Play Store or App Store. It provides a secure, fast and convenient way for the average man to access amount to withdraw, and confirm your transaction to withdraw your money  23 Jul 2015 You can invest your money in Nigeria through quoted companies listed how to invest in good location (or what makes a location really good),