Is neo cryptocurrency a good investment

Others simply cite favoritism with China as a good reason to invest in NEO. The cryptocurrency has been a top 5 return on investment since ICO. There is a lot of reason to think that growth will continue. Rumor has it that NEO will be seen on Coinbase soon along with Ripple (XRP). Only time will … NEO Cryptocurrency Review | BlockMinded - Simplifying Crypto Jul 25, 2018 · NEO Cryptocurrency A Good Investment? Overall, the project sees itself as a distributed-platform for a new “smart economy.” The belief is that physical assets will be represented on the blockchain which will allow it to be traded, bought and sold via smart contract technology. Is neo coin a good investment? (Price prediction!) - YouTube

NEO has an potential not only like profitable investments. This project is developing technology improving the system of smart-contracts and changing the world. Now we see like NEO is going down. But this is temporary situation. January 2018 was a period of growth. And this time follow the good …

However, Neo is one of their own cryptocurrencies and I think that NEO could be a good investment option. 6 days ago NEO, because of its potential, makes a good option for a long-term investment than most other cryptocurrencies, and NEO price predictions can  19 Nov 2019 19 Jan 2020 Taking a look at NEO to determine whether NEO is a good investment. Fundamental analysis including technical, social, all-time high & market  22 Sep 2017 My approach to cryptocurrencies is similar to seed investing in startups. I create portfolio of 10 - 20 cryptos, and I expect most of them to fail. But hopefully one or  4 Jan 2020 Some of the most influential cryptocurrencies are those that leverage blockchain technology combined with smart contracts, unique consensus  31 Dec 2019 NEO Market Sentiment; 3 Reasons to Invest in NEO; 2 Reasons Not to Invest Cryptocurrency has come a long way since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. He hopes that this will make the currency successful in the long term.

31 May 2018 However, NEO cryptocurrency is showing great potential as the NEO cryptocurrency price has jumped to $52. NEO has the Tech! Ethereum just 

Neo - NEO is a type of digital crypto currency, utilizing peer-to-peer transactions, mining and other technological feats into a modern day asset.