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18ct White Gold will either contain zinc or silver as opposed to copper to the 18ct gold alloy. The value of any gold is based on it’s gold content. As such, the value of 18ct yellow gold is exactly the same as 18ct white gold or 18ct rose gold. Calculate the 18ct gold price per gram Get the LBMA gold price per ounce 18K Gold Price | Today: 03.04.2020 Live Price of Gold 18 Karat Gold Price per Gram, per Ounce and per Tola bar The precious metal, gold, measured by troy weight and by grams. When it is alloyed with other metals the term carat or karat is used to indicate the purity of gold present, with 24 carats being pure … Gold Price Today - Price Of Gold Spot Prices Chart & History

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How much is 18ct gold worth per gram? - Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd 18ct gold is an alloy (a mix) of gold and other metals, typically copper, silver and / or zinc. For an item of jewellery to be hallmarked 18ct gold, it must contain a minimum of 75% gold.. The colour of 18ct gold depends on the mix of the other metal added. Scrap 18ct Gold | 18ct scrap gold prices. 18ct gold is an alloy made of 75% pure gold. 18 carat jewellery is therefore worth 75% of the spot price per gram. We pay up to 95% of the current spot price, updating our prices every 2 minutes to ensure you receive a fair and accurate rate for your scrap jewellery. Scrap 18ct Gold - 18 Carat Scrap Gold Prices | BullionByPost 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold and is therefore valued at 75% of the current gold spot price. We pay up to 95% of that value for your scrap gold. O ur rates are based on the live gold price and are updated every two minutes, meaning that your jewellery is valued accurately and fairly. Gold Price Today |

9ct Gold is 37.5% pure. The spot price is for 999.99% pure gold. As such, to get the 9ct Gold Price per gram, all we need to do is multiply the spot price per gram calculated above with 37.5%. £32.15 * 37.5% = £12.05 per gram. This means that the bullion value of 9ct gold is £12.05 per gram. 9ct Gold Price – Dealer Commissions

You can use our scrap gold calculator, which gives you the gold price per gram UK based on the scrap gold prices today to get the value of your scrap jewellery. You will be paid the highest rates based on the scrap gold prices today. We are always updating our live gold prices based on the gold price today. What is the Current price 9ct 18ct 22ct gold - Answers Gold Scrap prices on 26 January 2009 (Time-4:37PM) 9ct(375)=£7.284GM 18ct(750)=£14.567GM 22ct(950)=£17.792GM But gold prices are up and down all the time,But in … Live Gold Price UK - The Gold Bullion Company Live gold price UK updates from The Gold Bullion Company, a reputable and well-known UK-based family business. Our gold price today live chart allows you to stay updated with the current value of gold, so you can continuously keep track of the live gold prices.